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uturuncoEnjoy Maté Culture!
Discover flavors, aromas, sounds and colors of the exciting Argentine culture.

 Argentine Treasures
A land of legends, traditions and ancestral customs, where the culture of maté has remained intact since ancient times.

A bridge between artisans and handicrafts lovers.

 Colors and Textures
Unique pieces woven in handcrafted loom.


About Us

Hello, I'm Maya Vázquez from Argentina and I have a family business that I love. We buy handicrafts from all over the country, in fair trade conditions, to sell them anywhere in the world through our online store. 

We sell products that identify us, typical of our culture, handcrafted and with an additional value that is the love for our land.

We make Uturunco with the desire that it becomes a bridge between Argentine artisans, artists and all of us who love maté, handicrafts, handmade things, native music and roots art. Through e-commerce we can connect people from all over the world promoting and disseminating Argentine cultural products. This is what moves us. What inspires us.


To develop the electronic commerce of Argentine cultural products contributing to the diffusion of our culture.

To use the technology of the electronic commerce and the tools of the digital marketing to be able to reach more people who want to enjoy handicrafts and other products of Argentine cultural value, contributing to spread the artisan work, the regional customs and the ancestral knowledge of our country. To motivate people all over the world to get to know the cultural treasures of each Argentine region, from our deep conviction about the importance of the sense of belonging and the identification with our own roots.


To become an online store of Argentine cultural products of world reference.

VALUES that inspire us

Passion for roots art, cultural identity, social commitment, vocation of service, creativity, continuous learning, to share and to thank always.